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Corporate Philosophy

To contribute to people's happiness and the development of society while pursuing the satisfaction of its employees both mentally and physically through production activities.
MURATA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. came into operation in 1890, since then the management and employees of MURATA INDUSTRY have been sharing good and bad business times, and expanding its business activities with a mission to manufacture products contributing to the development of society. MURATA INDUSTRY flexibly responds to the trends of the times, including the diversification of lifestyles and changes in business environments, and the corporate philosophy of MURATA INDUSTRY, which represents the invariable sense of values of the MURATA Group, is a guideline that will not change forever.

Quality Policy

Mastering the production activities

We constantly improve the conformity to requirements and the effectiveness of our quality management system, we will actively pursue new challenges and ingenuity at all times and supply the best products satisfied by our customers.

2023 Quality Goal

Poor outflow:Minor 5 or less
                   0 serious cases
In-process defect rate:reduced by 10% from the previous year

Acquired ISO 9001 certification

In order to further satisfy our customers, we aimed to improve the quality of our products and operations, and in July 2018 we have completed the certification of the international standard "ISO 9001: 2015" of the quality management

      Certification scope: Head office and plant, Kobe plant