Environmental Declaration

Basic principles
MURATA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. recognizes that the preservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues common to all people, and the entire organization of the company makes efforts toward the reduction of environmental impacts.
MURATA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. promotes environmental management activities under the following policies to reduce the environmental impacts of all the company's activities related to battery parts and synthetic resin parts produced and sold by the company, the use of these products, and services provided by the company, in pursuit of the harmonization of the company's activities with the global environment.

1. MURATA INDUSTRY always recognizes environmental impacts related to the company's activities, products, and services, promotes the prevention of environmental pollution and environmental protection, and continually strives to improve its environmental management activities.
In addition, environmental protection includes the use of sustainable resources and the relaxation and adaptation to climate change, and so on.

2. MURATA INDUSTRY complies with all environment-related legal and other requirements with regard to the company's activities, products, and services.

3. MURATA INDUSTRY works on the items specified below as environmental management priority themes to alleviate environmental impacts related to the company's activities, products, and services.
(1) Reduction of industrial waste
(2) Reduction of power consumption
(3) Cleaning activities around the factory

4. In order to enable each individual employee to practice an active approach to the reduction of environmental impacts, MURATA INDUSTRY keeps all its employees informed of the company's environmental policy and makes it available for general people.

5. MURATA INDUSTRY will actively participate in local environmental improvement activities based on partnerships with local communities.

In order to achieve the above policy, MURATA INDUSTRY sets environmental improvement goals, periodically reviews them, and promotes its environmental management activities.
Date of enactment 2, July 2001
Date of revision 26 March 2020