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April 1890: Masajiro Murata founded a business in 2-chome Shinkawa, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, for the purpose of the production and trade of bead curtains.
May 1908: Made its Kobe branch as the headquarters of the business in order to specialize in trade and Kojiro Murata became the chief of the headquarters.
January 1913: Invented the wood shavings blind. Established contractors' factories in Tsu-shi, Kyoto-shi, and Hyogo Prefecture.
October 1921: Consolidated the contractors' factories into a plant in 3-chome, Okuracho (currently Okurahachiman-cho), Akashi-shi.
August 1940: Started manufacturing wooden storage battery separators and delivering them to Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd. and other battery manufactures.
August 1942: Moved the head office to the Akashi plant.
January 1943: Changed MURATA-GO & CO., LTD. to a joint-stock organization and established NIHON SEPARATOR CO., LTD.
August 1944: Invented a manufacturing method of microporous rubber separators, which was patented in 1943, and awarded as an excellent invention by the Institute of Technology.
September 1945: NIHON SEPARATOR CO., LTD. was renamed to NIHON RINKOU CO., LTD., which started handling war-damage reconstruction materials besides the production of separators.
June 1950: MURATA-GO & CO., LTD. was established with the resumption of trade.
Masanori Murata assumed the post of the President, and the company started manufacturing products.
January 1961: Started molding synthetic resin and accompanied business.
June 1964: Renamed to MURATA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. with an expansion of its manufacturing department.
July 1965: Designated as a subcontract plant of synthetic resin battery cases by the Automotive Battery Division of Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd.
January 1967: The company as an excellent cooperation factory took over the production facilities of microporous rubber separators from Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd. and started manufacturing microporous rubber separators.
June 1974: The Kobe plant site featured a molding factory and started manufacturing car battery cases.
September 1977: MURATA DIECAST CO., LTD. was established.
July 1979: MURATA SANGYO CO., LTD. was established.
April 1983: Masanori Murata assumed the post of the Chairman. Shigeki Murata assumed the post of the President.
February 2022: MURATA AUTOMOTIVE PLASTIC COMPONENTS (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. relocated to Liyue Road,Pujiang Town,Minhang District,Shanghai.