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Here are some photographs of MURATA-GO & CO., LTD. (circa 1950) , forerunner of MURATA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. with comments by an alumnus Uruo MATSUMOTO.

Raw woods such as Japanese cypress, Beech, Oak, Oregon pine were transported by rail from Kiso District to Akashi Station. The trees were floated in Port of Akashi or in the moat of Akashi Castle near the station for a while.

Trucks carried the trees from there to us for more than 2 kilometers (the photograph captured the first cargo of the New Year after the New Year holidays).

Our office in those days was not along National Route 2 but faced the narrow municipal road and there were lumberyards here and there in our site.

Cutting a raw wood into round slices by big band saw.

The round slices were steamed in a pot to soften for twenty-four hours.

Peeling the softened tree thinly by the rotary attaching a blade. It was a hard job because the blade might be missing by a hard "knob" or foreign substances.

The thin boards were cut more finely into separator for batteries or materials of wood shavings blind.
Sorting the broken ones and the "knob".